Perch Support


Our perch supports offer the simplest and best way to secure any regularly shaped dowel, or irregular piece of natural perch material.  Most new cages come with a soft wood dowel using cutouts on each end that fit around the cage bars.  These perches are often loose and the end is precisely where  your bird will begin to chew and destroy them.  Our unique supports enshroud the perch end thus protecting it, will accept any shape, keep your perches stable and make perch replacement a snap.  No more having to slit the end of a dowel, or attempt to drill and screw a threaded rod into a pointy-ended branch…!  We have used these supports with our breeding stock for years and have proven so durable that we offer a lifetime warranty.  This product makes for a fantastic up-sell opportunity each time a new cage leaves your store!


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Each set includes two supports and come neatly packaged for retail display.  Installation instructions are included.

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  • Small $11.95
  • Medium $13.95
  • Large $16.95
  • Extra Large $19.95