Climbing Net-Small


Our new climbing nets are made from up-cycled, un-dyed and completely organic cotton rope manufactured right here in the United States by Ravenox™.

Your bird will love spending hours on these nets exercising and getting mental stimulation too!  The flexibility of our nets replicates how your bird would perch on a swaying tree branch in the wild.

Each corner knot is made from a double figure eight and not simply a whipped loop like competitors’ nets.  The corners have a nickel plated steel loop to make hanging from a ceiling or wall easy.

Each net measures 2′ x 4′ and is made from 1/2″ diameter rope on a 6″ x 6″ grid.  A good size for conures, cockatiels, pionus and other small to medium sized birds.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Please ensure your bird’s nails are properly groomed before using a climbing net.  Also, do maintain the net by trimming and closed-loop fray as it might develop, and never leave your bird unattended.


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