Get a unique watercolor painting of your favorite bird.  These beautiful, one of a kind pieces are framed in a colorful 11″ x 14″ matt.

Twenty percent (20%) of each sale will go directly to support Creative Wellness Opportunities ( and the Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary (  Both of these organizations are non-profit entities and survive almost entirely on donations.

Artist Spotlight: Julia

“For as long as I can remember, I have been an artist, constantly driven by an impulse to create. I have received endless support from family, friends, and teachers, who have encouraged and fostered my love of art. 

About two years ago, I discovered watercolor, and was immediately fascinated by the way it blends and moves on the paper, and by its unique effects. Inspired by artists on Instagram, I spent every last dime I could on watercolor supplies, and every minute of free time I had attempting to emulate those artists’ techniques. There is some- thing magical and ethereal about watercolor, because even though there are ways to manipulate it, at the end of the day, the paint and water are going to do what they want to do, forcing you to let go and marvel at the process. 

In my view, art is meant to be shared, and my dream is to be able to give as much of my artwork away as possible. Doing so brings me joy, and I do not think there is a piece of artwork I have made that I would not part with. Over the past couple of years especially, art has been one of my primary coping skills to deal with the acute and over- whelming anxiety I deal with virtually every minute of every day. It has given me meaning, a purpose, and an outlet to express myself, and for that I am eternally grateful”. 

 – Julia


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