Our Passion

Our Passion For Birds……And Their Owners4600e4f9cfdce4c4fda0dab6f6fb80bd6043f353378fdef309a5a0144341a22b

With our busy lives, it’s sometimes difficult to give our pets the attention they need.  We don’t feel any bird should have to suffer while you’re away suffering at work so that’s why we began developing our toys.  And of course, when a bird changes homes or owners, it goes often goes through a period of stress and part of our goal is to reduce the number of birds that have to be re-homed due to behavioral issues associated with a lack of stimulation they might become subject to.


We Are Breeders Too

As breeders, we have different species of birds to test our toys on. The smallest being our Sun Conures to our big Mollucan Cockatoo.  During product development, we can evaluate the interest our birds have in each design, and are able to assess both durability or any flaw before introducing the product to market.