About Us

We bought our first bird over 32 years ago and have not stopped loving them since. Over the years, we have owned parakeets, cockatiels, conures, macaws, caiques and cockatoos. It was important for us to always keep our pets entertained and stimulated as our busy lives did not always allow for us to engage our birds often enough.

In the beginning, we started My Parrot Depot as a hobby breeder of conures. Eventually, we wanted a way for bird owners to keep their companions entertained without having to make their own toys, or spend a lot of money on something that would quickly get destroyed. On this premise, we sought to design toys that were more interesting for birds, and more durable for owners.

We Are Breeders Too.

As breeders, we have different species of birds to test our toys on. The smallest being our Sun Conures to our big Mollucan Cockatoo.  During product development, we can evaluate the interest our birds have in each design, and are able to assess both durability or any flaw before introducing the product to market.  All of our materials and finished toys are storecaique-on-white-backgroundd in a warehouse separate from our own flock to assure product safety.

We are focused on reaching the market through a network of retail stores across the country. We do not sell directly to consumers however you’ll occasionally see us at bird marts.  We also offer wholesale pricing to non-profit bird rescue organizations.